Business Solutions

With technology becoming more and more important with an increasing demand for skilled talent, Atom Tech Solutions will go over our client’s needs and provide creative solutions and services in end to end engineering.

Web Development

We provide technical advice and creative solutions to our clients on designing and developing web applications. We analyze and listen to the needs of our clients, and what functionalities they want on their platform. By collaborating together, we want to develop a flawless, fully functional, web application with seamless transitions.

Mobile Development

With mobile usage becoming a universal norm, we provide our clients with assistance in developing mobile applications. We offer innovative solutions toward innovative solutions that utilize popular mobile application technologies such as iOS and Android.

Application Development

We help potential clients in the planning and development cycle of various applications they need that are essential for their business operations. We can provide flexible strategies and cost efficient solutions that will result in a fully functional product that will suit your needs and within the confines of the operating system.

Software Developer Program

We provide aspiring software engineers the necessary technical skills and resources to create innovative real world products. We provide a comprehensive technical program that goes into a deep dive on the necessary skills a software engineer requires.

Programming Skills

In depth lectures covering popular programming languages used in the industry: Java, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, as well as an overview of data structures and algorithms.

Agile Project Methodology

Explanation of proper application design and development using Agile methodology.

Relevant Resources and Frameworks

Acquire the necessary knowledge and application of widely used frameworks and open source libraries such as React.js, Angular.js.

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